Halogen bulbs are a more traditional style bulb which have a filament enclosed within halogen gas to produce light, which does mean they tend to get quite hot to touch. They also tend to be low cost but do use a larger amount of energy than other energy saving alternatives such as LED. Halogen light bulbs are normally preferred for more decorative lights due to the easy way in which they can be dimmed. 

The working principle of a halogen bulb is the same as an incandescent light bulb. The main difference is in the generation of heat as in the case of halogen light, more electricity is converted into the light as compared to incandescent light. 

  1. Halogen bulbs are not costly to buy
  2. Halogen bulbs work on all dimmers
  3. Halogen bulbs are available in a wide variety of bulb shapes
  4. Halogen bulbs give off a lovely warm white, traditional light. 

Casell Lighting offers a wide range of Halogen light bulbs: Coloured Spot, G4/GU5.3/GU10 Lamps, GU4 Bulbs and more available

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