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About Us

About Us

Casell Lighting is a leading light bulb manufacturer with a commitment to supplying high quality products at affordable prices. Since our inception in 2007 the brand has established its place at the forefront of the lighting market and we are continuing to enhance our worldwide distribution.

Our product portfolio, made up of over one hundred different lines, is added to on a daily basis. From the latest energy efficient LED technology, through to every day lighting requirements for incandescents, energy savers and decorative light bulbs to specialist units such as miniatures and ultra-violets, Casell offers a lighting solution for every application.

We understand that the lighting market is constantly evolving and adapting due to the rapid pace of technological development, that’s why we pride ourselves on manufacturing innovative and exciting products. We aim to meet the escalating demand for energy saving lighting by offering long life and energy efficient products.

Through our unrivalled service, knowledge, choice and quality we can make light work for you!

Unrivaled Service 

Our company is dynamic, flexible and committed to excellent service. We aim to make the process of product selection to delivery as smooth as possible through our up-to-date online stock levels, secure packaging, fast dispatch and extensive delivery options. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and our staff are always on hand to help. If you would like to know more about how we can supply and support your lamp requirements, please contact us at +44 (0)1462 490066 or email us at    

Unrivaled Knowledge

Customers benefit from the best possible technical expertise and product knowledge when sourcing light bulbs from Casell Lighting. All our sales and customer service staff undertake training courses in lighting knowledge and are able to help customers identify the best light bulb to provide the lighting effect they require.    

Unrivaled Choice

We don't like people to be in the dark! We aim to offer a variety of lighting solutions for all applications. Our product range includes energy savers, LEDs, halogens, compact fluorescent, fluorescent tubes, UV light bulbs, industrial light bulbs and general lighting including GLS, candle, golf ball, reflector and pygmy shaped bulbs. New products are added to the website on a daily basis, to ensure customers have the latest light bulb technology available to them. Can’t find the bulb you are looking for? Please contact our sales support team and we will be happy to advise.    

Unrivaled Quality

All our light bulbs are manufactured to exceedingly high standards, so it’s no surprise sales of Casell bulbs have grown year on year. To maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, we have quality management systems in place to ensure smooth processing from inquiry to delivery.